Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is VIP membership?
    If you subscribe to VIP membership, you will have access to all the public videos available without spending a credit for the entire period. Also, you send friendship requests and messages without any restriction.
    Please note that for viewing the private videos, you still need to be a friend with the owner.
  2. I've uploaded a video, but I didn't receive the credits, why?
    Each video or picture has to be approved in order to keep the quality of the site: ONLY romanian amateur content (all the material must respect the terms and conditions).
  3. What is an original content (picture or video)?
    We consider an original content if in the picture or video appear our logo - PORNO de Casa - written on your intimate body parts.
  4. What is the bonus for original content?
    It depends. For example:
    - For pictures:
    • 15 days VIP - men
    • 90 days VIP - women
    • 180 days VIP - couples
    - For videos: NOTE:
    Photos or videos posted anonymousely are not taken in consideration
    The VIP subscription is given only once and not per picture or per video. The video must be at least 30 seconds in duration and with a decent quality.
    You don't need to show your identity, but if you have the guts, the VIP period is double.
  5. What are Softcore, Hardcore or Extreme categories?
    All the adult amateur content is organized by these categories.
    • Softcore: nude posing, masturbation, no sexual intercourse
    • Hardcore: sexual intercourse, blowjob, anal
    • Extreme: all kind of perversions (fetish, SM, peeing, etc.), group orgies
  6. The webpage looks messy, what should I do?
    Probably you use an older Internet Explorer. Only Firefox, Opera and IE7 are supported. Please, upgrade.
    Recommended browser: Firefox 3.X . Minimum resolution: 1024x768
  7. I have no more credits. Do I have to pay in order to see the content?
    Basically, NO. Contributors to the PORNO de Casa can earn free credits depending on the content added.
    Now, there are the following main methods of getting credits for free:
    • Upload a new photo album: for each picture approved
    • Upload a new video: after the video is approved
    • Invite new friends: after they join the community
  8. I've invited a new friend, I've received the credits, but I still don't see his uploaded videos for free ...
    Yes, because the invited members don't become automatically your friends due the privacy policy. You still need to send a request for a friendship. After your friend accepted it, you may watch the his videos for free.
  9. I've lost/haven't received the confirmation code, could you resend it?
    Yes, but please don't use the Contact form as it would be ignored. Please only this page.
  10. How can I delete my account?
    Go to My Account-> Edit Profile -> Delete Account, then confirm the deletion. Warning! The removal is permanent and re-register is forbidden.